WDV240 Intro to WordPress

This hands-on course in an introduction to WordPress as an Open Source database-driven web content management software. Students learn to use WordPress to plan, design, theme and produce commercially oriented websites. Topics covered include choosing the right theme for the job, choosing the best plugin, working with forms, and constructing a product-based e-commerce site. Students learn not only how to build and manage a WordPress, but also how to get into the code and modify the CSS for greater customization.
Prerequisite: WDV 101 or instructor approval.

The following examples are student sites from this course:
Project 1: A Basic WordPress Site.  An introductory project includes basic pages, posts, and links, and contact form.
Shelby Williams
Sarah Pepper

Project 2:  All About Themes.  Project focusing on choosing and customizing a theme. Also included in this project is an events calendar and an e-commerce based form that include conditions and variables.
Rachel Stanhope

Project 3:  Product based E-Commerce.  This project utilizes the WooCommerce plugin to build a product based site. Included in this project are basic and custom product variables, adding a gift-wrap option, sorting in categories, specific shipping requirements, and adding a time-limited sale.
Almir  Music
Kathy Sohn